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Monday, December 14, 2009

Go Army BEAT Navy!! Maybe next year..

This was Roman's first Army Navy game. Although this is the 8th year in a row Navy Beat Army, we still had a good night and we still went into the game hoping. Good thing we can also clam TCU as our team. *I don't really get into football that much, but I still love TCU, no matter if they win or loose - I am just happy they are good at winning. Here are some pictures and videos (no sound because its broke) from the night.

Roman is not celebrating an Army Touch Down.
Believe it or not.. he is just dancing to the music. See video below.

Tony had to buy him an Army T.. its very large and will fit
him for few games to come. Its a 2T.

Can you find him?

Cute right?!

Roman can go to any college he wants to.
Its just fun to dress him up.

Quick update.. Roman I believe has grown an inch or so.. I tried to measure him and got around/over 22 inches. He was born 21 and 1/4. I wanted to weigh him on our scale and found out its low battery. A few days this past week he has been slept for almost 2 hours in his swing! Okay.. he didnt sleep the entire time, but on and off and he was content. He would open his eyes and then go back to sleep. It is nice to be able to move around without him, when he is not screaming or not holding him. Not that I don't love to hold him! He has also had over 6 hours of sleep a few nights, but I have NO IDEA why!? I would love a repeat though. His "old man" hair is still there, but he is starting to grow some peach fuzz on top. It's so soft and I like to rub his head now. He also smiles and "talks" to us often. He especially likes to talk to me when I change his diaper downstairs. He likes it downstairs because I use a warm washcloth but upstairs we use baby wipes and they are not warm. We will sit in the bathroom "talking" for a long time during the day.

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